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Nachtbuch für Astrid
Im Warenkorb

Night Book for Astrid

About Love, Dying, Death and the Grief of Losing Someone You Love.
Published by Diogenes as Nachtbuch für Astrid
Original Title: Nachtbuch für Astrid
- A book of comfort for times of loss. - Strikingly open and honest. - Hansjörg Schneider's last crime novel ›Hunkeler and the Eyes of Oedipus‹ was number 1 on the Swiss best-seller list. »When I wrote this book, I concentrated on authenticity rather than getting caught up with stylistic finesse. It is a diary of my grief. I could have chiseled a gravestone for Astrid. But as I am a writer, not a stonemason, this book is my gift for her instead.« When Hansjörg Schneider's wife Astrid died of cancer in 1997, they had lived together for more than thirty years. »The truth is that we loved each other from the very beginning, and for a lifetime.« After her death, Hansjörg Schneider kept a diary for one year. The result is a personal book about a great love and a moving document of grief.

»By the time you put this book down, you will not be the same person you were when you picked it up.«
Beatrice von Matt / Neue Zürcher Zeitung