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Helmut Dietl

Helmut Dietl

Helmut Dietl was born in 1944 in Bad Wiessee and grew up in Munich. His first TV film ›Munich Stories‹ (1975) was followed, inter alia, by ›Monaco Franze‹ (1983) and ›Kir Royal‹ (1986). His first cinematic film, ›Schtonk‹ (1992) was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Oscar, and his second, ›Rossini‹ (1997), received the Ernst Lubitsch Prize and the German Film Prize 1997 in a range of categories, as well as several other awards. Helmut Dietl died on 30.03.2015 in Munich.
Movie Adaptations
  • Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe, Helmut Dietl, 2004
  • Rossini, Helmut Dietl, 1997
  • Schtonk, Helmut Dietl, 1992