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Zvi Kolitz

Zvi Kolitz

Zvi Kolitz, born in Alytus, Lithuania in 1912, the son of a highly respected rabbi, left his family in 1937 on the way to Palestine in order to study in Florence. In 1940 he arrived in Jerusalem and became involved in various Jewish movements. As an emissary of the Zionist World Congress, he travelled to Basle and Buenos Aires. He later worked, inter alia, as a journalist, canvasser, filmmaker, producer and teacher, and despite having a permanent apartment in Tel Aviv, lived with his wife and child for many years in hotel rooms across the globe. Zvi Kolitz died in 2002 in New York.
Zvi Kolitz & Tomi Ungerer
Yosl Rakover Talks to God
General Fiction / 208 pages
Im Warenkorb
Jossel Rakovers Wendung zu Gott