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Celebrating with Business Class
Published by Diogenes as Cheers
English Title: Cheers. Celebrating with Business Class

Even the floor of these boozy, merry events is slippery, the businessman never celebrating quite casually. Because a career knows no downtime. Suter’s ›Business Class‹ column – still absolutely topical to this day! Mixing work and alcohol often involves skating on thin ice. Be it a company celebration, a business lunch, a corporate event, a Christmas meal, New Year’s Eve at the boss’s place, a glass of wine with the new secretary or after-work pints with the lads – managers can never quite relax because there is no downtime on the career ladder. That means their greatest threat is not a heart attack or alcohol, but their own species. The ideal guideline not only for stressed businessmen, but for anyone who has the misfortune of dealing with them: secretaries, subordinates, wives, children . . . After reading this, they will see their businessman through new eyes.

General Fiction
224 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

»Keenly observed and incisively depicted – one party after the next!«

Barbara, Hamburg