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Die magische Zahnspange
Im Warenkorb

The Magic Braces

Published by Diogenes as Die magische Zahnspange
Original Title: Die magische Zahnspange

The new stroke of genius from the Swiss bestselling author Lukas Hartmann is a fast-paced adventure novel and an exciting guessing game for young heroes – for all the children who have ever had dental braces – or who ever wanted them.

Who has not wished they could finally be good at school? Know the capital of Madagascar, how many kilos a hippopotamus weighs and how many grams an earthworm. It is a little odd that shy Tobi suddenly knows all the answers after he gets his dental braces. His classmates, at first full of surprised admiration, soon get suspicious, and Tobi also starts to find the whole thing uncanny.
About the dream of being a hero, and the question of who to trust – other people or ourselves?

Children’s book for ages 10 and above

Children's books
11.6 × 18.4 cm
240 pages
ab 10 Jahren


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