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Leben, schreiben, atmen

Living, Writing, Breathing

An Invitation to Write
Published by Diogenes as Leben, schreiben, atmen
Original Title: Leben, schreiben, atmen. An Invitation to Write

This extraordinary book, a blend between a writing companion and an autobiography, is penned by the great author and director Doris Dörrie; an invitation to write daily, intertwined with personal memories.

For Doris Dörrie to write is to consciously perceive one’s own life, to really see what lies before our eyes. And to rediscover what we have lost or forgotten. Writing is comfort, self-assurance, accusation, and a celebration of life. In this unique book, Doris Dörrie ponders autobiographical writing and gives tips and creative guidance. And she takes her own advice, telling stories from her life with enchanting honesty.

Everyone can write. You just have to get started. 

General Fiction
288 pages


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