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Tante Joice und die Lust am Leben

Aunt Joice and the Joy of Life

Stories and Other Things
Published by Diogenes as Tante Joice und die Lust am Leben
Original Title: Tante Joice und die Lust am Leben. Stories and Other Things
An old man, dreadfully lonely, and a rejected will. A Porsche driver with a colourful past in an awkward situation. The god-like splendour of professors. Old age, growing old and being old. The notion of homeland and a West Germany which sprang from a strange act of creation. The convents and bridges of Cologne – and their role in history. Plus sharp-eyed portraits of such very different individuals as the newspaper publisher Alfred Neven DuMont, the radical feminist Alice Schwarzer, and Helmut Thoma – a media mogul and his rivals. Or a life »at the service of humour«, in honour of Willy Millowitsch on his 85th birthday. But also people who are not famous, like the ›housekeeper‹, for whom read ›brothel madam‹. And much more ...

General Fiction
432 pages


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