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Published by Diogenes as Herbstfeuer
Original Title: S tocki zrenija travy
›How can I burn my husband? Where does my new liver come from? How can I dispose of my Steinway grand piano?‹ Eight Ukrainian stories provide answers to these and other questions. Ivan becomes a regular customer in a small gourmet restaurant and comes to know and treasure its head chef, Dymitsch. One day, Dymitsch disappears, but he has purposely left behind a series of dishes for Ivan, which his niece Vera is to prepare for him and serve up on five consecutive evenings. All of the dishes taste exquisite, but why does Ivan later discover tiny grains of sand between his teeth? And what does the lawyer want who turns up for dinner on the fifth night?

General Fiction
240 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes
(except Russian and Ukrainian)