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So wenig Buchstaben und so viel Welt
Im Warenkorb

So Few Letters, So Much World

Travel essays and reportage
Published by Diogenes as So wenig Buchstaben und so viel Welt
Original Title: So wenig Buchstaben und so viel Welt

Hugo Loetscher’s best travel essays and reports, many in book format for the first time.

Hugo Loetscher was a writer who »wanted to experience the world that was conveyed to him.« From Switzerland, he embarked in all directions of the compass, often on commission for newspapers and magazines, writing knowledgeable, witty, sparkling essays and reports. Loetscher’s eye for the simultaneities and hybrid forms of a globalised world is profoundly modern; his style always original and surprising. This volume is a wonderful springboard for discovering – or rediscovering – one of Switzerland’s greatest authors and journalists.

Including photographs by René Burri, Tobias Hitsch, Willy Spiller and Daniel Schwartz as well as unpublished photos by Hugo Loetscher himself.

General Fiction, Travel writing
480 pages


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