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›Small g‹ eine Sommeridylle
Im Warenkorb

Small g - a Summer idyll

Published by Diogenes as ›Small g‹ eine Sommeridylle
Original Title: Small g: a Summer Idyll
The novel begins with a brutal murder, but is not, in essence, a thriller. Above all, this is a love story. At the ›Small g‹, a popular, gay-friendly nightclub in Zurich, the lonely regulars who have stopped off for a beer, some attention, or for a little flirt, cross each other's paths: Ricky, a commercial artist, with his little dog Lulu; shy Luisa; Renate, a dominating costume designer, who invites Luisa to stay with her and then spies on her obsessively; Dorrie, a self-confident shop-window decorator and trainee journalist Teddy, both of whom fall in love with Luisa… In an atmosphere of suffocating heat, these intertwined and often unusual relationships are faced with challenging tests and deadly threats.

General Fiction
432 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes