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Cloud Letters

Published by Diogenes as Wolkenpost
Original Title: Wolkenpost

As ›Harry the Cloud‹, Harald Naegeli has been writing to ›Friends of the Cloud‹ at irregular intervals since 2013. In his rebellious and philosophical dispatches, he shares updates about his latest graffiti and drawings, but also about encounters with man and mammal, about the reading that inspires him, about his indestructible belief in utopia and his perspective of art - not only in the public sphere. Lines filled with absurdity, thoughtfulness and affection, all complemented by photos of his works: women and flamingoes, lightning bolts and fish, eyes and bugs - the universe of a unique artist.

»Everything is a play on something, and a direct hit, to the eye, to nothingness, to the heart! With love, your Cloud.«
Harald Naegeli

Art, cartoon, photography
144 pages


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