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Der Höllenhund

Hell's Hound

Published by Diogenes as Der Höllenhund
Original Title: Der Höllenhund

This unique picture story from the late great artist F.K. Waechter tells a timeless story in intense, powerful strokes.

F.K. Waechter was one of the most astounding and versatile artists of our times. His award-winning books are beautiful, his cartoons humorous and to the point. Yet with this impressive posthumous find, Waechter once again breaks down all genre boundaries and will thrill readers with his dark and memorable fable of a hellish hound.

»I write and draw for all those who were once five years old, who still remember it and would like to live to ninety-nine.«
F.K. Waechter

Art, cartoon, photography
23 × 31 cm
72 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes