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Keiner von uns
Im Warenkorb

The Black House

Eleven Stories
Published by Diogenes as Keiner von uns
Original Title:

From a fishing trawler operating off the coast of Massachusetts, a sailor spots something white on the surface of the ocean. A seagull, a beach ball, a bathing cap? The pallid object that the crew eventually heaves on board has full breasts, a slim waist and hips like a mermaid – but this is no mermaid. Eleven stories of people whose very existence is torn apart in the flutter of an eyelid, as if the curtain had finally been raised – whoosh! – revealing a real and dangerous life that pushes them beyond their limits into the deep unknown. They are the stories of young girls, cowards, swindlers, the old and the young – all those who have fallen by the wayside in the struggle against the injustices of daily life.

General Fiction
352 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

»One of the exhilarating effects of reading Highsmith's stories…is the greatly enlarged sense of her range and energy…in their surehandedness, their breadth and abundance…«

Washington Post