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Hans Werner Kettenbach


oder die Sackgasse
Published by Diogenes as Schmatz
Original Title: Schmatz oder Die Sackgasse. oder die Sackgasse
Uli Wehmeier's whole life is called into question. His wife can no longer cope with his obsession for his work as a copywriter. In the advertising agency, he feels more and more constricted and suffocated because the new creative director bullies him. Wehmeier reacts in his own way: he toys with the idea of murder, as if that could remove the threat to his existence. In his clear, unadorned language, Hans Werner Kettenbach tells the story of how Uli Wehmeier thinks through every detail of his plan – and how his realisation that he has no way out comes too late.

General Fiction
320 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes