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Der Sprung


Published by Diogenes as Der Sprung
Original Title: Der Sprung

»Her presence unsettled him. That was what he most liked about her.«

For one day and one night, a young woman holds a city in suspense. And for ten people, nothing will ever be the same again.

Simone Lappert addresses the fragile equilibrium of our era.

An authentic, unmistakable voice – Simone Lappert is a true find.

A young woman stands on a roof, refusing to come down. What is she thinking? Is she planning to jump?
The police cordon off the building, onlookers zoom in on their phones. The woman’s boyfriend, her sister, a policeman and seven other people, directly or indirectly connected to her, miss a step. They fall out of their everyday routines, lose their grip – or take the plunge into a freedom they had no longer thought possible.

General Fiction
336 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

Film rights are handled by Diogenes