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Der Gärtner von Otschakow

The Gardener of Ochakov

Published by Diogenes as Der Gärtner von Otschakow
Original Title: Sadownik iz Ocakowa

The gardener hired by Igor's mother is a mysterious man. He's about sixty years old, pretty sparing with his words, and won't drink a drop of alcohol. And what does the blurred, illegible tattoo on his upper arm mean? With the help of a computer-savvy friend of his, young Igor manages to decipher it: ›Ochakov 1957‹, it reads, and ›Jefim Tschagin's House‹. The quest to get to the bottom of it takes Igor not only to Ochakov, a seaport on the Black Sea 500 kilometres away from his home near Kiev, but also to the year 1957... In Andrey Kurkov's fantastical and absurd storytelling, anything is possible – even time travel to a past from which the present can perhaps be seen much more clearly.

General Fiction
352 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes
(except Russian and Ukrainian)

»This seems like a more serious work by Andrej Kurkow, but don’t be fooled. There is so much depth in The Gardener of Ochakov that passes readers by almost unnoticed, just like in his previous novel Death and the Penguin, as it is above all the power of a Berna González Harbour«

El País, Madrid