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funny girl

funny girl

Published by Diogenes as funny girl
Original Title: funny girl
Shy twenty-year old Azime, from a Kurd family, is growing up in London. East and West, Islam and secularism, Burkas and bare midriffs – in Azime’s two worlds there are very clear rules about how she is supposed and allowed to be. But those two worlds clash entirely. When terrorist attacks in the tube claim hundreds of victims, Azime knows that she has to speak up – in her own unique way. So she secretly attends a comedy class, slips on a Burka and takes to the stage: as the world’s first female Muslim comedian. Her debut is like dynamite. Her family rejects her, the English press heralds her as a sensation, and death threats pour in online. Things get serious, and at the same time achingly funny, too.

General Fiction
384 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes