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Im Leben mehr Glück

More Happiness in Life

Speeches and Writing
Published by Diogenes as Im Leben mehr Glück
Original Title: Im Leben mehr Glück. Speeches and Writing

A book on friendship to people and loyalty to a utopia, on feeling at home and feeling out of place.

More Happiness in Life contains Erich Hackl’s appreciations of people important to him. He writes about who they were and what they stood for. On the meaning and significance of friendship, resistance, and Heimat. However, it also includes biting and funny writings. Disobedient thank-you speeches. Essays about writers he admires, and about the difficulties of writing. His work from the past 25 years follows a common thread and, against all odds, doesn’t let it go.

General Fiction
432 pages


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»His language is clear and catchy, and he often draws upon real occurrences for his material.«

NZZ am Sonntag, Zurich