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Irgendwann wird es gut

I Know It’s Going to Happen for You Someday

Published by Diogenes as Irgendwann wird es gut
English Title: I Know It’s Going to Happen for You Someday

Ten stories about striving for happiness and trying to find a narrow path out of loneliness.

An entire cosmos in a tiny world – atmospheric, laconic, captivating, and featuring numerous headstrong characters you’ll want to get to know better (but not live next door to).

A young man awaits his love with two drinks, and she’s right on time – on TV. A 12-year-old girl doesn’t want to grow up too fast. And a 40-something compulsive hoarder is brought back to life by a woman who seems even sadder than himself.

Ten interlinked stories about survival. About the pursuit of happiness, against all odds, in small-town Kentucky.
Ten ordinary yet unique people – lonely men, women, teenagers – whose lives haven’t turned out the way they imagined them. Who nevertheless struggle for their own small slice of happiness and who can’t wait to escape their backwater town. They may get themselves bloody noses, but they don’t give up. Because they know it’s going to happen for them someday.

Frighteningly brutal, hilarious and moving to tears, I Know It’s Going to Happen for You Someday is the return of one of the most talented writers of our times.

General Fiction
320 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

Film rights are handled by Diogenes

»It has been a while since an author last wrote such beautiful prose about the loneliness of people lost in a small town, maybe not since Carson McCullers. Joey Goebel strikes a completely new chord with this novel – still funny, but also sensitive and touching.«


Benedict Wells