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Das Wochenende

The Weekend

Published by Diogenes as Das Wochenende
Original Title:

After twenty years in prison, he is unexpectedly pardoned. Christiane, his sister, wants to celebrate his first weekend of freedom with a dozen old friends in a run-down villa in the country, without reporters and cameras. Henner, a journalist, Ilse, a teacher, Ulrich, a businessman, accompanied by his wife and daughter, Karin, the bishop of a small country church, Andreas, an attorney – they all supported the revolution in one form or another at that time. Today, they have their established place in bourgeois society. They come out of loyalty, nostalgia, curiosity. They would like to advise and help and, at the same time, keep their distance. But they are not able to avoid a confrontation with their own biographies, life dreams and lies. The past comes to life. Accounts are settled in the atmospheric intensity of a drawing room theatre.

General Fiction
240 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

»Bernhard Schlink has a keen sense of topical issues. He has chosen his characters well and has given each an individual voice.«
Focus, Munich