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California Girl
Im Warenkorb


Published by Diogenes as California Girl
Original Title: Rad

Timey is fourteen. Braces, emotional chaos, besties – the works. Between her hippie artist mother in LA and her professor father in Berkeley, life is hard enough already, and then she falls in love for the first time. Her first real encounter with lies. With romance. With world-weariness. As she tries to work out where she fits in and who she will become, she auditions different outfits, identities and drugs, tearing through the life of a teenager in 1980s California, where freedom and rebellion are everything.

»We are liars surrounded by lies and if I'm going to tell you what happened, I'm going to have to lie to you, too. Otherwise it wouldn't be true.«
Tamar Halpern

»I think this is even more beautiful to read when you’re not a teenager anymore.«

Eleni Efthimiou / rbb, Berlin