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Alles muss ganz anders werden

Everything Must Be Completely Different

Stories 1975 - 79
Published by Diogenes as Alles muss ganz anders werden
Original Title: Alles muss ganz anders werden. Stories 1975 - 79

Short stories from 1975–79, including two pieces not yet published in book form.

With an afterword by German journalist and writer Peter Henning.

The first volume of short stories, including the now almost classic All Will Be Well, in which Johnny Tristano (what better name for a Fauser character) gives himself the advice: »If you have to prop yourself up, prop yourself on walls, not people!«
Once again, reading Fauser teaches us what it means to sink deep but never go under, and how to retain wit and melancholy alongside a lust for life and a nice cold beer.

Jörg Fauser in short form – an overflowing joy.

»My intoxication doesn’t cut me  off from reality, just from those who are constantly claiming reality for themselves.«
Jörg Fauser

288 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

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»Furry, dazed, drunk prose. Wet. Brash. Omnipotent. Paranoid. Lubricated. Sexy. Majestic.«

Helmut Krausser / (German author)