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Der Tod des Odysseus

Odysseus’ Death

Published by Diogenes as Der Tod des Odysseus
English Title: Odysseus’ Death

Seven stories about travellers and seekers, about displaced and homeless persons in Greece, Turkey and Germany.
The stories are highly topical yet timeless.
Including two crime stories featuring Costas Haritos – proving once again that dark days can only be survived by means of humour and solidarity.

Petros Markaris brings back the myth of the Odyssey to our times. These stories are about people travelling in unfamiliar territory, like the ancient hero, constantly facing new tests, listening to the siren song of hope and at the mercy of brutal opponents. Many Greeks shared the same experiences when they left their country, fleeing the dictatorship of 1967 and poverty. But does that make them more welcoming to the strangers washing up on their shores today?

Crime fiction, General Fiction
224 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes
except Greek rights