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Good as Gold

Published by Diogenes as Goldschatz
English Title: Good as Gold

A lovingly concerned, ironic, and dark crime tragedy on the question of why some treasures are better left undiscovered, and why not every end justifies the means.

»Many of our fellow students look like bankers, neat and tidy, boring, and conventional. Not a trace of opposition, all working hard, and striving for good degrees and lucrative jobs.«

Five young people want to show our throwaway society how to do better: Aunt Emma’s old farmhouse won’t be demolished but turned into an alternative student house. Except for one thing – the necessary renovations cost money. Then a sack of valuable gold coins turns up at Emma’s junk shop. But the treasure doesn’t spell the end of their problems. Instead, it leads them into more trouble, introducing them to the less attractive impulses of the human heart.

General Fiction, Crime fiction
368 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

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