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Man hängt halt so an dem, was man hat
Im Warenkorb

You Just Cling On to What You’ve Got

Published by Diogenes as Man hängt halt so an dem, was man hat
Original Title: Man hängt halt so an dem, was man hat

At the age of twelve, he was fulminating about a writer in a letter to his father. Before he even turned fourteen, he raved about a young SPD party member while discussing a meeting of the federal parliament: ›Helmut Schmidt from Hamburg! He was brilliant! Captivating!‹ 
Each letter reveals a new facet of Jörg Fauser: far-sighted observer, passionate writer, incorruptible journalist and loving and rebellious son.

»I’ll be there next Thursday evening, unless advised otherwise. Fare (ten marks is enough) would be gratefully received.«
Jörg Fauser

Letters and conversations
464 pages


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