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Warum der Igel reich beschenkt wird
Im Warenkorb

Hedgehog and the Present Puzzle

Published by Diogenes as Warum der Igel reich beschenkt wird
Original Title: Jeschik i podarotschnaja putanitsa

The little hedgehog is back! In the autumn he likes sunbathing on a hill and watching the people in the village. When he returns to his treestump house, he finds three bags full of little apples – but what he thinks is a gift from the grey mouse soon turns out to be the red squirrel’s stockpile of food for the winter. Still, that doesn't matter, because the forest has plenty of gifts to go around. A celebration of autumn colours and a homage to friendship. 

Children's books
20.5 × 28 × 0.8 cm
36 pages
ab 4 Jahren


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