Ripley reviewed in newspapers and online

In The Guardian, Lucy Mangan wrote in a 5-star-review: »Andrew Scott is absolutely spellbinding.[...] every ounce of his talent, ineffable charm and lightly reptilian hotness on display.« The series is also The Guardian's »pick of the week« among the best shows to stream this week.

In Time, Judy Berman enthuses about its main character: »Ripley’s other great asset is Scott, who [...] [has] given us the first definitive onscreen Ripley. [...] Scott registers every shade of the chameleonic con man«

The Times' Carol Midgley sums up the series as  »A Hitchcockian Work of Art«.

Pat Stacey of the Irish Independent is enthusiastic about Andrew Scott: »Of all the actors who have played Ripley (Delon, Damon, Dennis Hopper, Barry Pepper, John Malkovich), he’s the one who really nails the character.«

Esther McCarthy agrees in the Irish Examiner: »Since US novelist Patricia Highsmith first brought Tom Ripley to life in a series of novels, the shrewd criminal and con-artist has enthralled readers and audiences alike. [...] Scott has given us a Ripley for the ages in the suspenseful series.«

In Rolling Stone, Alan Sepinwall enthusiastically summarizes the series: »The movie is a masterpiece of Hitchcock-style suspense. [...] among the most exciting shows of the year so far.« 

For the BBC, Caryn James agrees: »Ripley plays as if it were a Hitchcock series Hitchcock never made.«
In The Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Fienberg writes: »Carried by its careful adherence to a battle-tested story, Scott’s complex central performance and some of the most breathtaking photography the small screen has to offer, Ripley is a steady yet propulsive descent into murky morality.« 

Indiewire's Proma Khosla stresses the importance of the original book for the series: »Despite the ubiquity of Anthony Minghella’s 1999 film adaptation, Zaillian was primarily inspired and guided by Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 novel and adapting the original material into an eight-episode series.«
In Inverse, Alex Welch emphasizes the coherence: »Lo and behold, the filmmaker is in complete control of Ripley across its eight episodes.« 

For Lena Wilson at, this series stands out among Ripley film versions: »Netflix’s limited series Ripley is the best and most beautiful interpretation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 thriller The Talented Mr. Ripley to date – and yes, that includes Anthony Minghella’s Oscar-nominated version from 1999.« 
Nick Schager at The Daily Beast sums up: » [...] almost too good to be true.«

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