A Summer's Tale by Bas Kast on the Spiegel bestseller list for nine weeks

A Summer's Tale by Bas Kast made it to the Spiegel bestseller list upon publication and has stayed there for nine weeks. Furthermore, A Summer's Tale was among the Swiss bestselling books ( for two weeks.

Here is enthusiastic press:

»But one can practise reflection. And the reading of this enchanting book is a good starting point.«
Nils Minkmar / Spiegel Bestseller, Hamburg

»In his novel A Summer’s Tale, Bas Kast tells of Nicolas’ search for himself, among life’s constraints and buried dreams.«
Stern, Hamburg

»Counselling can be compelling too.«
Gala, Hamburg

»Bas Kast’s voice is so fresh, lively and carefree that this book – a reminder of what really matters – is a delight.« Britta Heidemann / Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Essen

»It [the book] doesn’t supply easy answers to life’s great questions. But it does make you think, and the uplifting story is a joy to read.«
Johannes Simon / WDR, Cologne

»Bas Kast has achieved the masterful feat of making something complex feel light.«
Manuela Haselberger / Freie Presse, Chemnitz

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