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Almost 40k copies sold of In the Middle of August by Luca Ventura

Up until the middle of December, we have sold almost 40’000 copies of Luca Ventura’s In the Middle of August, the first part of the Mediterranean crime series with investigators Enrico Rizzi and Antonia Cirillo. Furthermore, In the Middle of August was a #19 for two consecutive weeks on the Spiegel bestseller paperback list. We are currently in talks with film producers about adapting the series for the small screen.

Catedral bought Spanish rights of the title, Univers is going to publish the Catalan edition. Both are imprints of the publishing group Enciclopèdia Catalana.

Here are enthusiastic quotes by a variety of media:

»Luca Ventura’s Capri crime novel is the start of an atmospheric series which promises everything that Italy has to offer.«
Barbara Hoppe / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt

»This is the opening act to a promising new crime series, whose protagonists have a fair few secrets still hidden.«
Christina Mondolfo & Mathias Ziegler / Wiener Zeitung, Vienna

»Solid mystery writing – with the potential to establish a new Capri series. Now that we can’t travel there ...« 
Nürnberger Zeitung, Nuremberg

»Ventura fills this opening title with so much material and so many characters that continuing the series will be a breeze.«
Münchner Merkur, Munich

»Respite for the troubled mind.«
ORF, Vienna

»The author Luca Ventura skilfully combines tension with Italian flair. Pure pleasure.«
Gala, Hamburg

The second part of the series, Bittersweet Lemons, is scheduled to be published in April next year.

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