Colours of Farewell by Bernhard Schlink to be available in 18 languages

Bernhard Schlink's Colours of Farewell has been on the Spiegel bestseller list for 23 weeks now, 15 of which in the top 20.

After selling Dutch, Finnish, French, Macedonian and Spanish rights, the sales list looks like this:
Azerbaijanian: Qanun
Catalan: Enciclopèdia Catalana
Chinese (simplified characters/CN): Yilin
Czech: Euromedia
Dutch: Cossee
Finnish: WSOY
French: Gallimard
Greek: Kritiki
Italian: Neri Pozza
Japanese: Shinchosha
Macedonian: Ili-Ili
Romanian: Polirom
Russian: Azbooka-Atticus
Serbian: Plato
Spanish: Anagrama
Turkish: Dogan Egmont
Vietnamese: Nha Nam Publishing

Colours of Farewell is therefore going to be published in 18 languages so far.

Here are the latest press quotes:

»His prose is accessible to any reader; written in a clear, calmly flowing language that doesn’t need stylistic effects.«
Ursula März / Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Cologne

»In his latest book, the 76-year old Schlink is convincing with his precise style, making sentiments and scenes vivid in just a few words. «
Sabine Kleyboldt / Kölnische Rundschau, Cologne

»This book, luminous in its many nuances, immediately captures the reader and doesn’t let go. «
Janina Fleischer / Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Hannover

»Few other writers are capable of filling pages with such simple elegance.«
Günter Keil / Landshuter Zeitung

»Those reading Bernhard Schlink’s new book Colours of Farewell will find themselves surrounded by the intense mood of Indian summer.«
Heribert Vogt / Rhein-Neckar Zeitung, Heidelberg

»A melancholy transience and futility settle over quite a number of these stories. But unlike Schlink’s earlier work, they often end in an upbeat tone. « 
Martin Ebel / Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich

»These stories really pack a punch, and have great depth. Whether they’re about lies, betrayal or guilt.«
Torsten Hunger / MDR Thüringen, Erfurt

»In a sense, this book is a detailed gaze at our living conditions; it debates, in different ways, the question of how we want to coexist.«
Nico Hofmann / Die Zeit Newsletter, Hamburg

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