Daniela Krien’s works make their way in the world – and to the screen

Daniela Krien’s Love in Case of Emergency will be published as Love in Five Acts by MacLehose in April 2021. If you would like to see this English version, please let us know. By the way, the German edition of Love in Case of Emergency sold 140’000 copies until today.

Second, the film script is ready: Daniela Krien’s debut novel Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything will be made into a film by Emily Atef. The film is going to be shot in late summer 2021, and will be out in cinemas by 2022.

Third, Daniela Krien’s newly published work Muldental has sold more than 16’000 copies so far since its publication at the end of February. The press continues to praise it:

»The author of the bestseller Love in Case of Emergency is also a master of the novel in miniature, as these eleven stories show.«
Brigitte, Hamburg

»Some people sink, others manage to swim, but all their stories are deeply moving.«
Dorothee Meyer-Kahrweg / HR2 Kultur, Frankfurt

»Daniela Krien is an author who truly knows language: its nuances, subtleties and undertones.«
Roland Mischke / Freie Presse, Chemnitz

»Incredibly well written, and shocking.«
Anke Jahns / NDR 1 Radio MV, Hamburg

»Daniela Krien’s stories, filled with life and desperation, stay in your mind long after you finish reading.«
Martina Läubli / NZZ am Sonntag, Zürich

»Genuine. Authentic. Moving. A book that makes you think, and one which is very difficult to put down.«
Julia Loibl / Elle, München

»Poignant stories of diverse individuals in post-reunification Germany.«
Martina Sulner / Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Hannover

»Daniela Krien’s stories are neither loud and suspenseful, nor are they sensationalist or adorned with unnecessary stylistic devices. And that is what makes them such a joy to read.«
Andreas Schröter / Ruhr Nachrichten, Dortmund

»With Muldental, Daniela Krien has created a psychological profile of East German society, with all its hurt and frustration.«
Falk Schreiber / Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin

»Daniela Krien is a master when it comes to creating complex characters. In just a few scenes and sentences she is able to show why things happened the way they did.«
Monika von Aufschnaiter / BR2, Munich

»Daniela Krien depicts her characters so vividly that, after just a few pages, you feel you know them intimately.«
Cornelia Geißler / Berliner Zeitung, Berlin

This book of stories entered the Spiegel bestseller list upon publication and has been on it for three weeks.

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