Christoph Poschenrieder's The Invisible Novel receives the Best Novel of the Year award

Christoph Poschenrieder’s latest book The Invisible Novel was awarded the prize for the Best Novel of the Year 2019 by the Munich daily newspaper Abendzeitung. The 46th award ceremony took place in Munich on 4 February.  Please find photos of the ceremony here.

The book is further reviewed, here are a few enthusiastic press quotes about The Invisible Novel:

»Above all, with this small, yet luckily very visible novel, Christoph Poschenrieder succeeds in envisioning a writer who deserves to be snatched from relative invisibility.«
Kristina Maidt-Zinke / Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

»The novel performs a cheeky bow before the art of procrastination, or postpone-itis.«
Kester Schlenz / Stern, Hamburg

»The 55-year-old Munich writer portrays his antihero as playful and clever, in excellent, cheeky prose, supported by comprehensive research which Poschenrieder deftly interweaves.«
Günter Keil / Abendzeitung München, Munich

»Perhaps the novel really does exist, and Meyrink has sought out Poschenrieder as a medium, and the aforementioned novel is called The Invisible Novel. Who knows?«
Sven Hanuschek, Münchner Feuilleton          

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