Noir sur Blanc wins six-way auction for French rights of The Ex-Son by Sasha Filipenko, Edizioni E/O buys Italian rights

Our six-way auction for French rights of Sasha Filipenko’s The Ex-Son has ended after three rounds and Noir sur Blanc has snapped up the rights. Italian rights go to Edizioni E/O.

The Ex-Son has been or will be published in:
Croatian (Bozicevic)
Dutch (Meridiaan)
French (Noir sur Blanc)
Italian (Edizioni E/O)
Japanese (Shueisha)
Russian original (Vremya)
Slovak (E.J. Publishing)

And of course, press reactions to our German edition of The Ex-Son remain enthusiastic:

»Filipenko describes the rebellion of his people against dictator Lukashenko with enchanting humour, full of wit and yet full of grief.«
Lerke von Saalfeld / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt

»A brilliant novel that undermines the facts with humour.«
Peer Teuwsen / NZZ am Sonntag, Zürich

»The Ex-Son couldn’t have appeared at a more fitting time than the Lukashenko twilight in Belarus.«
Jens Uthoff / taz, Berlin

»Filipenko’s style is clean and unadorned.« 
Marco Kefting / Münchner Merkur, Munich

»In this novel, too, the young author impresses with his considerable imaginative talents and stylistic force. A must read!«
Lilo Solcher / Augsburger Allgemeine, Augsburg

»Filipenko’s metaphor is impressive: it’s as though it wasn’t Franzisk in a deep sleep, but the world around him.«
Jutta Sommerbauer / Die Presse am Sonntag, Vienna 

»Filipenko’s novel is emblematic of the wound which, even six years on from its first appearance, continues to bleed heavily.«
Bernadette Conrad / Aargauer Zeitung, Aarau

»And yet The Ex-Son envisions the end of this dictator: almost a Good Bye, Batka
Peter Zander / Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin

»Highly topical, skilfully narrated and deeply moving.«
Dagmar Kaindl / Buchkultur, Wien

»In this novel, humorous and bitter in turn, Filipenko depicts a country living in a state of paralysis, beneath a blanket of fear.«
Kristian Teetz / Sonntag, Hannover

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