Now published, pre-empted and shortlisted: our debut of this autumn Boy with a Black Rooster by Stefanie vor Schulte

Eleven-year-old Martin has nothing but the shirt on his back, and a black rooster which is both a protector and a friend. The villagers steer clear of the boy, finding him strange; far too smart and kind. They would rather mistreat him than acknowledge his talents. When Martin meets a travelling painter and seizes the chance to leave the village with him, he is led into a terrible world which, thanks to his compassion and understanding, he is able to resist, becoming a saviour for those even more innocent than he is.

Boy with a Black Rooster is one of eight novels shortlisted for the ›Klaus-Michael Kühne Prize‹. The prize is awarded to the »best debut novel of the year« and the ceremony will be held at the Harbour Front festival in Hamburg on 19 September 2021.

Foreign rights sold: 
Italian (Mondadori, in a pre-empt)

Charlotte Collins translated an English sample, please let us know if you would like to receive it.

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