Tomi Ungerer's Flix to be an animated TV series

The new animated TV series Flix will bring to life the children’s book by Tomi Ungerer of the same name. The series is made up of thirteen eleven-minute episodes, a comedy adventure about Flix, the only dog in Cat Town, and his two best cat friends Tabby and Munchkin as they grow up and try to find their way in the world. While the storytelling is light-hearted and quirky, the story in itself carries a serious message about the importance of celebrating diversity and what makes us all unique.

The children's book Flix was written and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer in 1996 and following its release, he was awarded the coveted Hans Christian Anderson Award, often referred to as the Nobel Prize of Children's Books. In the author's words: »Flix is about making the best of your differences – we are all equal and we are all different. Everyone has something to offer. Flix shows us that with a sense of humour you can overcome every dogstacle.«

The series has been commissioned by RTÉ and will be produced in Ireland by Pictor Productions in partnership with Avalon Films. The series was co-developed with Eye Present in the UK and is being distributed by Serious Kids. Two of Tomi Ungerer's books have been made into feature films, but Flix is the first to be made into a TV show. Flix is being produced by Tomi’s daughter, Aria Ungerer and Executive Produced by Deirdre Barry of Avalon. 

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