Spanish and Catalan rights sold of Micha Lewinsky’s Holly in Heaven

Spanish and Catalan rights of Micha Lewinsky’s Holly in Heaven to have been sold to Vegueta and Italian rights to Salani. 

»In his debut Holly in Heaven, Micha Lewinsky uses his experience as a scriptwriter and filmmaker – and his imagination seems to know no boundaries.« – Roswitha BudeusBudde / Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

»Micha Lewinsky drives his fantastic plot forwards with situational comedy, satire, precise dramaturgy and a fast narrative pace.« – Karin Hahn / Deutschlandfunk, Cologne

»The way in which Micha Lewinsky looks death in the fictional eye, so to speak, feels effortless.« – Rilana Kubassa / Tagesspiegel, Berlin

»Drama and comedy alternate again and again, ultimately leading to a suspensepacked showdown.« – Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich, Zurich

»He never loses his narrative threads and sets off fireworks the likes of which Swiss children's literature hasn't seen in a long time.«   – Hans ten Doornkaat / Bücherbeilage der NZZ am Sonntag, Zurich

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