Chris Kraus The Bloom of Yesterday

With 8 ›Lola‹ nominations the favourite of the ›German Film Awards‹:

Best Feature Film (Producers: Danny Krausz, Kathrin Lemme)
Best Direction (Chris Kraus)
Best Screenplay (Chris Kraus)
Best Actor (Lars Eidinger)
Best Supporting Actress (Sigrid Marquardt)
Best Cinematography (Sonja Rom)
Best Costume Design (Gioia Raspé)
Best Production Design (Silke Buhr)

The award ceremony is being held in Berlin on April 25 2017.

»Chris Kraus gazes into the darkest depth of the human soul, daring to walk a tightrope between Holocaust and humour, respect and disrespect.«
Margret Köhler / Abendzeitung, Munich

»The Bloom of Yesterday is a masterful film, balancing with confidence and style between comedy and tragedy, yet never sliding into silliness or kitsch. Absurd, sophisticated, ingenious.«
Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung, Wiesbaden

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