Praised for its humour: Thomas Meyer’s Wolkenbruch’s Reckless Rendezvous with the Seductive Spy

Thomas Meyer’s novel Wolkenbruch’s Reckless Rendezvous with the Seductive Spy, the second part in the Wolkenbruch series, made it to #1 of the Swiss bestseller list upon publication. Italian rights have been sold to Keller Editore. 

The first instalment of the series, Wolkenbruch’s Weird and Wonderful Journey into the Arms of a Shiksa, was originally published in 2012 and has sold more than 150’000 copies. The film adaptation of the book became the most successful Swiss film of 2018 and is Switzerland’s nomination for the Academy Awards.

Here are a few enthusiastic press quotes for Wolkenbruch’s Reckless Rendezvous with the Seductive Spy:

»The bestseller sequel is a bold step away from part one: instead of counting on Swiss local colour and romcom-style charm, Meyer goes for fast-paced action.«
Philippe Zweifel / Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich

»By taking conspiracy theories to the absurd, Meyer makes it clear how mendacious they are – so far-fetched that the only possible response is laughter. [...] A pleasure to read.«
Martina Läubli / NZZ am Sonntag, Zurich

»The world as a monstrous grotesque, the insanity that has long since become part of our present-day lives flashing up in lurid colours.«
Felix Münger /

»The Swiss author Thomas Meyer has written a darkly comic political satire.«
Karin Grossmann / Sächsische Zeitung, Dresden

»It almost makes you want to cry out: ›Now that’s Jewish humour!‹«
Alexia Weiss / Wiener Zeitung

»And so Meyer reaches for the only weapon remaining to him against stupidity and ignorance: the razor-sharp sword of black humour.«
Claudia Senn / Annabelle, Zurich

»Thomas Meyer’s strident satire novel is merely the continuation of the real insanity of digital comment culture.«
Hansruedi Kugler / Luzerner Zeitung

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