Emanuel Bergmann The Trick

We are happy to announce that Chinese rights for simplified characters of Emanuel Bergmann’s debut novel The Trick have been sold to Horizon Media (世纪文景 , shìjì wén jǐng) after a two-way auction. Chinese is going to be the 16th language for The Trick, an outstanding feat for a debut novel.

Rights sold:
Chinese / CN (Horizon Media)
Bulgarian (Kibea)
Japanese (Shinchosha)
English / world (Atria Books / Simon & Schuster)
Spanish / world (Anagrama)
Italian (La nave di Teseo)
French (Belfond)
Dutch (Prometheus)
Catalan (La Campana)
Norwegian (Bazar)
Hungarian (Európa)
Czech (Fortuna)
Slovak (Fortuna)
Hebrew (Yediot Aharonot)
Serbian (Laguna)

»The Trick is both thrilling entertainment and sophisticated literature.«
Stefan Keim / WDR, Cologne

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