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Daniela Krien receives the Saxonian Prize for Literature

Daniela Krien will receive this year’s Saxonian Prize for Literature (Sächsischer Literaturpreis) for her works. The award comes with an honorarium of 10,000 Euros, donated by the federal state of Saxony’s Literary Council and the Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism. The award ceremony will be held at the beginning of December 2020. 

Jury chairperson Undine Materni gives the following reasons for their choice: »Daniela Krien’s debut in 2011 was a remarkable novel, the title of which can be read as a programme for her literary intention: Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything. It is this arc of suspense between someday and everything which is narrated in the best possible sense: atmospherically, accurately, without mercy, in a clear and sensuous voice that follows its own rhythm.«

The Saxonian Prize for Literature was established in 2012 and is awarded every two years. It is aimed at authors with a connection to Saxony and can be awarded for a single exceptional publication or for their oeuvre up to this point.

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