The Fire by Daniela Krien soars to #3 on the Spiegel bestseller list

We have now printed 100'000 copies of the book, and with good reason: The Fire went up to #3 on the Spiegel bestseller list and to #1 on the Swiss bestseller list. 
Furthermore, The Fire continues to be showered with praise by the critics:

»Once again, Krien proves herself to be a grand master of creating a delicately poetic, multi-perspective diagnosis of the times.
Gisa Funck / Deutschlandradio, Cologne

»Daniela Krien’s The Fire achieves the masterstroke of touching upon the existential without flaunting it.«
Rainer Moritz / NZZ, Zurich

»The author Daniela Krien should be celebrated for her novel The Fire, because there are really few other books that work so well on so many levels.«
Denis Scheck / WDR 2, Cologne

»A book about daughters and mothers; families, their secrets; about intimacy – and how, despite decades together, we remain individuals – and foreign to one another.« 
Katja Kraft / Münchner Merkur, Munich

»In clear, unadorned and cliché-free language, The Fire unites the individual with the societal, and even the private with the political.«
Martin Ebel / Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich

»She writes clearly and without frills. Her language is never banal, but always artfully literary.«
Anke Jahns / NDR Kultur, Hamburg

»The seismograph lines register precisely the state of affairs, but they are not trying to be right.«
Karin Grossmann / Sächsische Zeitung, Dresden

Foreign rights sold:
Catalan: Bromera
English/UK: MacLehose Press
Italian: Corbaccio
Norwegian: Forlaget Press

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