The Fire by Daniela Krien to be published in 8 languages

With French, Croatian and Serbian rights just sold to Albin Michel, Fraktura and Booka, The Fire is going to be published in eight languages up until today.

In terms of domestic sales, we have now printed 100'000 copies of the book, and with good reason: The Fire went up to #3 on the Spiegel bestseller list and to #1 on the Swiss bestseller list. 

Furthermore, The Fire continues to be showered with praise by the critics:

»Once again, Krien proves herself to be a grand master of creating a delicately poetic, multi-perspective diagnosis of the times.
Gisa Funck / Deutschlandradio, Cologne

»Daniela Krien’s The Fire achieves the masterstroke of touching upon the existential without flaunting it.«
Rainer Moritz / NZZ, Zurich

»The author Daniela Krien should be celebrated for her novel The Fire, because there are really few other books that work so well on so many levels.«
Denis Scheck / WDR 2, Cologne

»A book about daughters and mothers; families, their secrets; about intimacy – and how, despite decades together, we remain individuals – and foreign to one another.« 
Katja Kraft / Münchner Merkur, Munich

»In clear, unadorned and cliché-free language, The Fire unites the individual with the societal, and even the private with the political.«
Martin Ebel / Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich

»She writes clearly and without frills. Her language is never banal, but always artfully literary.«
Anke Jahns / NDR Kultur, Hamburg

»The seismograph lines register precisely the state of affairs, but they are not trying to be right.«
Karin Grossmann / Sächsische Zeitung, Dresden

Foreign rights sold:
Catalan: Bromera
Croatian: Fraktura
English/UK: MacLehose Press
French: Albin Michel
Italian: Corbaccio
Norwegian: Forlaget Press
Serbian: Booka

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