Chris Kraus’ Cold Blood nominated for ›Prix Femina‹ and ›Prix du Meilleur livre étranger‹

The French edition of Cold Blood (La Fabrique des Salauds), published by Belfond, is one of eleven novels shortlisted for the ›Prix Femina Étranger‹, one of the most important French literary prizes.

Cold Blood is also nominated for the French literature prize ›Prix du Meilleur livre étranger‹.

Moreover, the book made it to # 3 on the French ›Booksellers' Hitlist‹ (foreign fiction) by Livres Hebdo (›Palmarès des Libraires‹).

France Culture and L’Obs chose it among the ten best books of this season, here’s the link to this list.

Critics, book buyers and the press are equally enthusiastic – here are a few quotes:
»A Historical fresco, spy novel, political and philosophical fable: you get lost with gusto in this literary labyrinth.«
Lire, Noailles

»If you want to understand what Europe is today, and how Germany became what it is today, how it managed to overcome the terrible trauma of National Socialism, then you have to read Cold Blood.«
Bernard Poirette / Europe 1, Paris

»This barbarity which was continued in the shadows by the worst survivors, was awaiting its epic poem. Kraus has written it.«
Nicolas Weill / Le Monde, Paris 

»A breath-taking novel, at times simultaneously sad and funny, sometimes almost unbearable, covering 70 years of history.«
Fabrice Colin / Le nouveau magazine littéraire, Paris

»With Cold Blood Chris Kraus climbs a mountain to the very top. A thousand things happen in this excellently translated novel.«
L'Express, Paris

»This is a magnum opus.«
Damien Aubel / Transfuge, Roubaix

»Of course it makes you think of The Kindly Ones, but a lighter, more easily accessible version, less intellectual, very captivating and a times veering into the intimate.«
Le Point, Paris 

»Cold Blood speaks of the past and the future.«
Marie-Laure Delorme / Le Journal du Dimanche

English rights are sold to Picador. An English reading sample is available. Recommended by NBG.

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