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Patricia Highsmith

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Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith (1921 – 1995), born in Texas, grew up and studied in New York. She achieved worldwide success in 1950 with her debut novel ›Strangers on a Train‹, made into the famous film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951. ›The Talented Mr. Ripley‹, published in 1955, was awarded the ›Edgar Allan Poe Scroll‹ by the Mystery Writers of America and introduced the fascinating anti-hero Tom Ripley. The film remake of ›The Two Faces of January‹, starring Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac, was released in 2014.

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»Patricia Highsmith is a giant of the genre. The original, the best, the gloriously twisted Queen of Suspense.«Mark Billingham

»Patricia Highsmith was every bit as deviant and quirky as her mischievous heroes, and didn't seem to mind if everyone knew it.«Daily Telegraph

»Patricia Highsmith should be considered an essential postwar writer who captured the neurotic apprehensions of her times. By her hypnotic art Patricia Highsmith puts the suspense story into a toweringly high place in the hierarchy of fiction.«The Times

»Patricia Highsmith keeps moving, darting in and out of our fields of vision, making afterimages that will tremble – but stay – in our minds.«The New Yorker

»For eliciting the menace that lurks in familiar surroundings, there's no one like Patricia Highsmith.«The Times

»Patricia Highsmith, the greatest of all crime writers.«The Times

»Patricia Highsith was the undisputed mistress as well as one of the creators of the modern psychological crime novel.«Mail on Sunday

»One thinks of comparing Miss Highsmith only with herself; by any other standard of comparison, one must simply cheer.«Auberon Waugh

»To call Patricia Highsmith a thriller writer is true but not the whole truth: her books have stylistic texture, psychological depth, mesmeric readability.«Sunday Times

»Although she is today one of the world's most widely read contemporary authors, there is still more of Patricia Highsmith to discover...«Le Monde

»Many of her stories reflect the kind of breathtaking misanthropy that could only have been achieved over a lifetime. And virtually all share the same sense of macabre inevitability, which means that the number of stories end up in almost that many deaths. Ms. Highsmith was never one for halfway solutions. What is interesting about Ms. Highsmith is that instead of describing such an denouement with suitably ghoulish overtones, she typically treats it in almost businesslike fashion. Her interest is in the generally unspeakable tensions and resentments that lead up to such outbursts, not in the messy side of murder.«The New York Times

»Miss Highsmith is a novelist whose books one can re-read many times. There are very few of whom one can say that. She has created a world of her own - a world claustrophobic and irrational which we enter each time with a sense of personal danger.«Graham Greene

»One of our greatest modernist writers.«Gore Vidal

Patricia Highsmith

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